I Have no Job, So I Started a Blog.

It’s been about six months since I graduated college. And I’ve been unemployed for every one. I like to think of it as reverse retirement- instead of being old and rich I am young and poor. And instead of traveling the world I only travel from the couch to the kitchen. But at least I still have my good looks and ability to use the bathroom.

I moved back home with my parents and two older sisters, so basically my parents have three old maids living with them. I hope they’re not holding their breath waiting to become empty nesters… My roommates are pretty cool though and my Landlords maintain the house very nicely so I can’t complain. I have my own room for the first time in my 22 years of life. It’s great, I feel like I’m staying in a hotel because I can put all my clothes and other crap on my sister’s bed while she is away at college-lucky betch. It’s a fun house, the rent can’t be beat, and there is always food around.

I try to keep busy while I’m unemployed. I have even started a daily routine: I wake up, eat breakfast, read the headlines in the newspaper and then read the captions under each picture (Like I have time to read full articles). After that I empty the dishwasher which takes about five minutes-sometimes seven if we had a big dinner the night before and used a lot of dishes. Then I spend the rest of the morning thinking about what I should have for lunch and when I should have it-you know, so the afternoon doesn’t seem to drag so much.

My dog Duke and I have been getting in a lot of bonding time since we are usually the only two home. We take long walks (so romantic I know) and send out a lot of snap chats of ourselves. He always makes me do it, he’s pulled the “I don’t have thumbs” card way too many times and I’m getting sick of it. We have a bit of a love hate relationship.


The Turkey wanted to get into this one too


As you can see we do Holiday themed SnapChats as well


Someone get us a big gulp asap. We thirsty up in here

Since I spend so much time at home I have appointed myself manager of the house. I clean to keep busy and even have started to cook-things that will surely make me a great housewife one day. I run errands during the day such as going to the bank (obvi not making any deposits, only withdrawals) or the grocery store. Now, even though I am a woman in my twenties, I have a bit of a young looking face, one that puts me in the range of about 14. This causes some stares and worried glances from adults while I’m out and about during the day. I’m sure they are thinking such things as “Where are this girl’s parents?”  “Why isn’t this girl in school right now?” It hasn’t been confirmed but I’m sure I have solicited a few anonymous calls to the Department of Education’s Truancy Officer. Whatever, I have trouble getting into the bars now but everyone will be jealous when I’m forty. At least that’s what my mom says to make me feel better.

Well there’s some insight into my exciting new post grad life. Please don’t hold your breath waiting for my next post, I’m super busy these days so it may be a while.




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